17 Jan 17

I’ve moved! Visit me at tracymarieoliver.com

20 Dec 16

Fractal Biology

Fractal Biology 40” x 30” mixed media: paint, ink, vintage glass glitter on canvas

Night Walk - mixed media by Tracy Oliver
18 Jan 15

Night Walk

04 Jan 15

Community in the Sun

13 Dec 14


01 Nov 14

Season to Rebuild

28 Oct 14

Parallel Dimensions

Post by Tracy Oliver

28 Oct 14

Season to Rebuild

Post by Tracy Oliver

15 Sep 14

After a Long War

Paint, ink, pigment powder, copper leaf on canvas 12 inches x 12 inches x 2 inches This reminds me of someone coming home to the ruins of a once great [&hellip

06 Sep 14


06 Sep 14


10 Aug 14


16 Jun 14

Desired Things

Words may be inadequate to express the highest truths, but sometimes they can be joined in such a sublime way to express the simple truth with grace and purity. My Grandmother [&hellip

20 Apr 14

By the River

No longer Available

20 Apr 14

Cat and His Woman

20 Apr 14


31 Oct 13

Rainbow Moon

No Longer Available

22 Oct 13

Yin Moon

22 Oct 13

Lucid Dreaming

22 Oct 13

Gothic Story

22 Oct 13

Rising Sea Level

No Longer Available

Skyline View III Tracy Oliver
27 Aug 13

Skyline View III

18 Aug 13

Gated Community

  At first I thought I’d call this painting “Across the View” which is the title of a beautiful song by Richard Burmer.  Then I added the matrix for balance [&hellip

13 Aug 13

Sea Garden

09 Aug 13

Peacock Project

mixed-media painting by Tracy Oliver
09 Aug 13

Fall Meadow

30 Oct 12


CHLOE STANTON, orphaned at 13 and shuffled through foster care never quite belonged. Her life takes on a Cinderella quality when she marries SCOTT, a brilliant neural-researcher who finally gives her the love and security she has always craved. Her art career flourishes. She lives in a beautiful home. She has everything until Scott’s RESEARCH ASSISTANT turns up dead and Chloe starts asking questions

Chaos Theory (sold)
05 Oct 11

Chaos Theory (sold)

original mixed-media on canvas by Tracy Oliver

05 Oct 11

Chaos & Complexity (no longer available)

(Acquired by the Robert Mint collection)

21 May 11

New Digs

There is nothing like moving to gain a fresh perspective! Sorting…culling, re-organizing, refreshing, the whole process is transformative. I firmly believe that one of the first steps in getting your [&hellip

10 Apr 11

Mental Movies

1.     I heard a presentation by Frank Kern who is an astounding marketing strategist and an amazing salesperson. He also seems like a down-to-earth all around good guy.  He pointed [&hellip

18 Mar 11

Notes to Me

I’ve decided to call this section of my website Notes to Myself, because maybe this will speak to someone or maybe it won’t. This is a place I plan on [&hellip

27 Feb 11

Low Hanging Fruit

I went all winter without changing the burned out bulb in the ceiling light in my bedroom. The fixture is made of glass and to change it requires unscrewing and [&hellip

21 Feb 11

Beware of Reification

Reification is the tendency to think of mental models as if they’re concrete realities. It happens across all disciplines from medicine to marketing. The nice thing about models – mental [&hellip

15 Feb 11

The Five Disciplines of Happiness

1.Claim responsibility for your own circumstances. We all face the occasional wild card, whether it comes in the form of a runaway bus, or a priceless art find in the [&hellip

13 Feb 11

Tracy Oliver Art is a powerful form of manifestation so create good things

09 Feb 11


09 Feb 11


Kre-ativ 1. Having the ability or power to create 2. Productive; creating. Characterized by originality and expressiveness; 3. Imaginative:creative writing Noun: One who displays productive originality: This definition of “creative” [&hellip

08 Feb 11

Where Are the Stories?

  I went to Barnes and Nobles looking for literary magazines and I was blown away. B&N had a total of four lit mags stocked—this next to five rows for [&hellip

06 Feb 11


05 Feb 11

peacock – painted silk with collage detail (unavailable)

05 Feb 11

Who Lives, Who Dies and Why?

Who Lives, Who Dies and Why? That’s the question posed by Laurence Gonzales in his book, Deep Survival. http://www.deepsurvival.com After finishing his book I felt like I wanted to commit [&hellip

05 Feb 11


I want to remember this quote by Robert Frost: “All great things are done for their own sake.” Whether they’re scientific discoveries, works of art, novels, songs, inventions, or corporate [&hellip

05 Feb 11

donner lake

05 Feb 11


If you make artistic discoveries and if all of a sudden your head begins to crackle with laughter, If you find all your ideas useless and ridiculous, know that IT [&hellip

05 Feb 11


No Longer Available

05 Feb 11

Spring Tree

No Longer Available 

05 Feb 11


05 Feb 11

woods (sold)


05 Feb 11

meadow (sold)

(sold)     &nbsp