Who Lives, Who Dies and Why?

Posted on Saturday, February 5th, 2011 at 22:27

Who Lives, Who Dies and Why?

That’s the question posed by Laurence Gonzales in his book, Deep Survival. http://www.deepsurvival.com

After finishing his book I felt like I wanted to commit the whole thing to memory. In addition to gut-clenching stories of survival, Gonzales explores chaos and complexity theories, the intricacies of mind mapping and the limbic region of the brain.

His conclusions?

Nature favors humility coupled with a really good sense of humor. Blind rule followers don’t fare too well. And according to Gonzales, “Everyone should have a course in pain.”

Virtually all survivors tap into an inner command center or what he calls, “the voice.” Coolest heads prevail. Cool becomes cold when it comes time to cut the rope.

Most touching were the stories about people awed by the grandeur of nature even as it was putting them through the test of their lives. One plane crash survivor climbed down the vertical sheers of the Sierras with a broken arm, high heels and a short skirt (with no underwear). Midway through her decent she skinny dipped in a mountain lake—while singing. Another man woke in his snow fort after three days lost in a blizzard and recited Shakespeare with full lungs.

This book made me fall even more deeply in love with the human race.


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  1. Jesus Sierra says:

    Tracy, I just happened upon this entry on your blog, and went out bought the book and read it in literally a day and a half, I dont’ recall ever reading a book that fast, truly fascinating and in many ways inspiring. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Tracy O. says:

    Hi Jesus,
    Is this Jesus Sierra from Adele’s?
    I loved the book so much, I sent the author a fan letter. Beautiful, smart writing. I’m glad I could recommend a book you enjoyed so much. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Jesus Sierra says:

    Yes, same guy from Adele’s, thanks again.

  4. Tracy O. says:

    Fun that you visited. :)