Posted on Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 at 16:57

Finishing this book (FOLLOWED) has freed up an incredible amount of head space. Which is great, BTW.  The publishing industry is so weird right now, I’m still deciding what to do next. Just glad to be DONE.

Here’s the two minute overview…(FOLLOWED is an atmospheric thriller with science fiction overtones.)

 .          .          .

CHLOE STANTON, orphaned at 13 and shuffled through foster care never quite belonged. Her life takes on a Cinderella quality when she marries SCOTT, a brilliant neuro-researcher who finally gives her the love and security she has always craved. Her art career flourishes. She lives in a beautiful home. She has everything until Scott’s RESEARCH ASSISTANT turns up dead and Chloe starts asking questions.

Why does Scott pressure her to take tranquilizers? Why is he so secretive about his research? And most chilling – why does she have the same recurring dream of a population of empty, emotionless souls? To find the answers, Chloe has to give up everything she ever wanted or risk becoming one of the gray, soulless people in her dreams – victims of a far-reaching mind control program called Thought Farming.

  .          .          .


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